Still More News On Alabama Midwives and The Home Birth Safety Act of 2014

More News On The 2014 Home Birth Safety Act 


Many thanks to Kalie Lanford and Waay 31 for the great coverage on the "Midwifery Bill" back before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  We would also like to thank Fox54 for running the story as well.


Thank you to The Auburn Villager for their coverage of the Public Hearing of SB 99--The 2014 Home Birth Safety Act.

News: Alabama Birth Coalition's 2014 Home Birth Safety Act 

We'd like to thank the following news agencies for their coverage of home birth and midwives:


Athens Now: Medical Update: Midwifery In Alabama

Times Daily: Lawmakers Back With Modified Midwife Bill

Cullman Times:  Controversial Bills Lawmakers Partner With Midwife Advocates 

Tuscaloosa News: Banning Midwives Is An Antiquated Law

Pediatrician Blogs In Support Of Certified Professional Midwives

In a five-part series:  A Woman's Body Is Her Own, Including Pregnancy and Birth, Dr. Pippa Abston, MD, PhD blogs about her change of heart after meeting with Certified Professional Midwives

WHNT19 on Midwives and Birth Options 

Thank you, Michelle Stark and WHNT19 for covering birth options in the Tennessee Valley.

Birth Options: The Farm Midwifery Center

The Farm Midwifery Center, Part 1:

The Farm Midwifery Center, Part 2:

Birth Options:  Midwife-Assisted Home Birth